We’ve gathered a list of resources that might be useful to our members who live in or around Portland. If you are part of an organization and want to be included on this page, please send an email to the webmaster and we will get you listed.

Please click on the links below to get more information about that particular organization.

Community Groups

MAsT International

MAsT Portland FetLife Group

Bad Girls

Leather Archives & Museum


National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

ONYX Northwest

Pearls of ONYX
Facebook Link

Oregon Bears

Portland Leather Alliance

Woodhull Freedom Foundation

BDSM Affirming Venues


Q Center


Velvet Rope

Events/ Conferences

We’ve added dates where applicable. Where we don’t have dates, we’ve posted the month the event generally takes place. Please check the web sites for more information.

Boot Weekend (February)

Kink Fest

Leatherwoods (August)

Portland Erotic Ball (October)

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Summer Spank (Labor Day Weekend)