Meetings & Events

When: MAsT Portland meeting are on the third Sunday of the month, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.
Where: We endeavor to have meetings in person and/or offer a hybrid or full on-line Zoom format.
Who: Vetted Members and new prospects
How: New prospects, please see the Prospective MAsT Meeting Attendees process.

What: Each month there is a discussion topic announced to start conversation. We will also discuss matters of importance to those present and actively participating. Future discussion topic suggestions are welcome (Please see this thread about past / future topics.)

Why: MAsT is different from other local BDSM / kink groups; in that our focus is solely on power exchange topics and relationships. Discussions primarily focus upon power exchange relationship dynamics. Discussions are enriched by participants’ diverse lived experiences of culture, privilege, oppression, relationship type, experience, age, sex, identity, orientation, and much more.

MAsT meetings are not a play party, munch, nor a meat market to seek short-term partnership. How power exchange might be embodied through sexual behaviors (play) is secondary to MAsT Portland’s discussion focus. This is a space to connect with and support community, create friendships, and mentor individuals / existing partnership. Please be respectful of these intentions and all participants.

If you have a topic you want to discuss, please comment in the monthly event thread in our FetLife group, so others can consider it thoughtfully.

Prospective MAsT Meeting Attendees; please see our inclusive and supportive process for both people new to MAsT and those who are established in the lifestyle.

Dress Code: Thoughtful street attire, please.

The above verbiage (v.22.01.31) will be referenced for consideration during two (2) future MAsT Portland meetings. It will be reviewed by active MAsT Portland membership, possibly edited, and ratified in the future. The existing MAsT Portland Director will make any final determinations on behalf of the membership.