Mission Statement

MAsT International was founded in 1988 in San Francisco to assist with civil rights advocacy, lifestyle discussion, and support of marginalized people. Our MAsT Portland chapter began meeting in 2001. For more information on other chapters, please visit MAsT International.

Please contact a MAsT Portland affinity member or e-mail MASTpnw@gmail.com for more information or to ask questions.

Community Support & Education

MAsT is committed to demystifying Master / slave (M/s), Dominant / submissive (D/s), Owner / property (O/p), Authority Transfer (AT), and other Power Exchange (PEx) relationships, protocols, and etiquette for those in the leather, fetish, BDSM, and/or LGBTQIA2K+ communities.

With the popularization of kink in culture, books. films, music, and social media; our very diverse community is growing exponentially. Exploring one’s genuine path in relation to topping / bottoming, M/s, D/s and more can be very challenging; let alone finding holistic life balance in a potentially toxic widening sea.

Perhaps more than any other type of relationship; consensual power exchange relationships have very little precedent in the vanilla world. There is no rulebook, and there is no right way to build these relationships. Each of us has a different style, outlook, and way to do this.

Each month there is a discussion topic announced to start conversation. We will also discuss matters of importance to those present and actively participating. Future discussion topic suggestions are welcome (Please see this thread about past / future topics.)

Personal Fulfillment

MAsT believes that consensual exchange of power and authority relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness for such individuals. MAsT is dedicated to helping individuals find healthy role models, mentors, friends, workshops, classes, and other resources that will assist in developing relationships that are fulfilling, functional, and genuine.

Open-Minded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

MAsT endeavors to be a safe harbor of adults interested or engaged in consensual power exchange relationships of every consensual sexual behavior, orientation, identity, culture, appearance, body type, capability, socio-economic status, non/religious or spiritual practice, and more. We believe that learning from differing individual or partnered life experiences, backgrounds, and practices in a private and friendly environment is nurturing for all people in our community. By gathering together; we hope to learn from each other, and perhaps avoid some pitfalls that others may have previously encountered.

Respect & Confidentiality

MAsT desires connections to be inclusive, accepting, honest, and bravely vulnerable. We cannot guarantee safety, but we endeavor to create a confidential space for open expression and navigation of our differing pathways. How you show up respectfully, we encourage and welcome. We do our best to facilitate this group with grace, compassion, and compersion. We support one another in healthy power exchange dynamics however that manifests. Respectful communication with all members and guests is expected. There is zero pressure to participate in discussions.

This is a group that values safety of another’s journey, personal development, opinions, ideals, beliefs, sexual orientation, and values within their chosen lifestyle. We may know the same people socially within our community, but it is invaluable that we are known as individuals of character that respect one another’s privacy.

Healthy Communities

MAsT is also dedicated to correcting the misinformation, denigration, stigmatization, and socio-culturally marginalization that can occur with respect to such relationship taboos. Consensual power exchange is greatly different than chattel slavery, sadistic abuse, or other forms of oppression. Please be mindful, create a support system for yourself, and ask for help. MAsT members are involved in many social and restorative justice projects.

Personal Responsibility

MAsT believes that every individual who engages in a power exchange relationship has a primary obligation to their own well-being and is therefore responsible for taking appropriate action if such relationship becomes detrimental to their sense of well-being or is otherwise no longer personally satisfying. However, you are not alone. Please ask for support, if needed.

Mutual Responsibility

MAsT believes that the individuals who enter into a power exchange relationship can do such equitably. Similar to other types of personal relationships, power exchange participants have an obligation to support the well-being of both the composite relationship and the individuals.


MAsT believes that the protocols created by those in a power exchange relationship apply only to the individuals explicitly consenting in that relationship. The individuals in the relationship do not have the right to impose their protocols onto others. People and institutions who are not a part of that relationship have neither the right nor the obligation to participate in such protocols when interacting with the individuals in the relationship.

The above verbiage (v.22.01.31) will be referenced for consideration during two (2) future MAsT Portland meetings. It will be reviewed by active MAsT Portland membership, possibly edited, and ratified in the future. The existing MAsT Portland Director will make any final determinations on behalf of the membership.